Club Equipment
The club owns a limited amount of specialist climbing equipment for use by novices whilst they are undertaking activities with the club.
The list includes Ice axes, helmets, crampons and climbing harnesses, including some childrens harnesses.
To access this equipment, members should speak with the Chairman who is the current custodian.
Any damage or loss of club equipment must be reported immediately to the Chairman.
Clothing and Equipment List for a day out
The short lists below contain essential items for a day in the hills. A list of optional items would be endless. Whatever extra weight you wish to carry, remember it will demand of you more effort and energy every step of the way.



Waterproof and windproof jacket with hood


Waterproof and windproof over-trousers

Food and drink

Warm hat and gloves

Torch and spare batteries

Trousers (avoid jeans)


Spare sweater or fleece

Survival bag

Undergarments in thin layers, preferably of wicking materials

Compass and map

Proper hillwalking boots

First aid kit

Crampons and ice axe (for high routes in winter)